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0.3 - 3.5mm PCB Separator PCB Depaneling Machine With High Cutting Precision

0.3 - 3.5mm PCB Separator PCB Depaneling Machine With High Cutting Precision

0.3 - 3.5mm PCB Separator PCB Depaneling Machine With High Cutting Precision

Détails sur le produit:

Lieu d'origine: Jiangsu
Nom de marque: YUSH
Certification: ce
Numéro de modèle: YSVC-650

Conditions de paiement et expédition:

Quantité de commande min: 1
Prix: USD
Détails d'emballage: Coffret en bois
Délai de livraison: 10 JOURS
Conditions de paiement: Western Union, MoneyGram
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 100/ mois
Description de produit détaillée
Épaisseur de carte PCB :: 0.3-3.5mm Description:: Machine de cheminement de carte PCB
Service :: Formation d'outre-mer Axe :: Étoile de matin ou l'Allemagne Kavo

YSVC-650 series is a high-definition fast CCD camera to achieve professional and rapid programming, with efficient, stable, user-friendly features.

YSVC-650 cutting machine features

A small stress of the perfect solution

High-speed spindle can be achieved without postal hole cutting, components from the cutting path can reach 0.5mm


B advanced image processing software and simple and clear icons and scanning functions

HD CCD camera, easy programming

The cutting path is programmed by simply clicking on the windows computer screen in the shortest possible time

Simple operating software.


C automatic CCD camera compensation

CCD camera to read MARK automatically compensate for the relative deviation of the cutting path

D high speed x, y and z axis servomotors

Reduced waiting time and increased productivity

E intelligent milling cutter mode

Intelligent mode can significantly reduce the use of milling cutter

F efficient programming

Simple and flexible programming

Programming accuracy to 10 microns

Programming arc, round easy to achieve

Windows files are easy to store

Different models are common

Real-time display of cutting mode and X / Y axis coordinates


Dimensions(W*D*H) 1370mm*1650mm*1450mm
Weight 650KG
Height offset 60~110mm
Motor type JiaBao series
Positioning repeatability 0.001mm
Axis working area(max) 830mm*580mm*50mm
Work station  
PCB fixation standard,specialization
PCB loading/unloading manual
PCB size (max) 420*360mm
PCB thick (max) 5mm
Rigidity fixturing Use client fixture
Fixturing fixation machinery
Spindle Motor  
Power 150W
Spindle 60000rpm/min
Protect self/wind cooling
Change cutter Specialization
Routing capability  
Cutting speed(max.) 80mm/s
Driving speed(max.) 2500mm/s
Precision of cutting 0.01mm
Vacuum System  
Vacuum power 3.5KW AC 380V
Vacuum plumb
Power 2.0KW AC380V
Air supply 4-6KG/cm2
Program edit Inline
Function edit Line,arc,circula,U-curve
Program storage HDD
Vision system SONE colour CCD
milling cutter offset AUTO
Vacuum setup AUTO
Operation Monitors  
Iindicator Iindicator Machine state
tool check Automatic detection tool life, the use of time testing
Motor protect Have overheating, overload, low voltage protection function
motor over loading check Have Overload, the line is normal, low voltage protection function
Tool usable time Automatic detection tool life,
Data statistic Separate board model, separating count, diverse counting methods
Error record Software automatically records all alarms memory of machines
III. Accuracy  
Axis precision 0.001mm
Cutting precision 0.1mm
IV. Safety  
Working area protect With four sealed protection
Door sensor Front and rear safety door micro-switch sensor (optional)
Exigency stop button  



0.3 - 3.5mm PCB Separator PCB Depaneling Machine With High Cutting Precision 

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