Maison ProduitsRouteur de carte PCB de commande numérique par ordinateur

Machine complètement automatique de séparateur de carte PCB de petite plate-forme simple, conduisant le peu 2.0mm

Machine complètement automatique de séparateur de carte PCB de petite plate-forme simple, conduisant le peu 2.0mm

    • Small single platform full automatic PCB separator machine , Routing Bit 2.0mm
    • Small single platform full automatic PCB separator machine , Routing Bit 2.0mm
  • Small single platform full automatic PCB separator machine , Routing Bit 2.0mm

    Détails sur le produit:

    Lieu d'origine: Jiangsu
    Nom de marque: YUSH
    Certification: CE
    Numéro de modèle: YSVC-650

    Conditions de paiement et expédition:

    Quantité de commande min: 1SET
    Prix: 1000
    Détails d'emballage: Coffret en bois
    Délai de livraison: 10 JOURS
    Conditions de paiement: D/P, D/A, L/C, T/T
    Capacité d'approvisionnement: 100/ mois
    Description de produit détaillée
    Matériel de carte PCB :: FR1, FR4, MCPCB Taille de carte PCB :: 450*350mm
    Cheminement mordu :: 0.8/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.0mm Répétabilité de manipulateur: ±0.02mm
    Positionnement de conseil: Double poste de travail avec le montage de nid ou le montage de goupille Dimensions: 1220mm*1450mm*1420mm
    Poids:: 550Kg

    PCB Router PCB Depaneling Equipment with Upper Vacuum Cleaner


    The best sulotion for PCB depaneling

    1. Avoids problems such as the tin break and damage to the compnent caused by manually bending a plate
    2. Avoids the stress produced mechanically by using punch or bending
    3. Suitable for cutting of a circle, arc and line of a finished plate


    Rotational speeds adjustable

    1. The spindle head consists pf a high-speed motor and the main shaft, which can be replaced separately to reduce the cost of maintenance
    2. The high-speed spindle uses air radiation to reduce volume
    3. The head of the main shaft is suitable for the milling cutter specially designed for a PCB
    4. The rotational speeds of the main shaft can be adjusted from 2K-60K RPM according to the thickness of PCB


    The screen is friendly and can be switches between Chinese and English

    1. Equipped with a build-in image capture, workpiece image and operation on the same screen, easy operation
    2. The function selection, manual function selection and instruction for shift are selected by mouse
    3. Mechanical parameters and function setting can be locked up with a password to avoid operation the equipment accidentally.


    Value matching is accurate and instruction is conveniently

    1. During instructing, there are three kinds of speed optional
    2. Cooperating with the monitor, the diameter of a milling cutter, a circle and square frame can be set



    Model YSATM-4L
    Standard working area 320*320mm
    Power 220V, 4.2KW
    Manipulator Repeatability ±0.02mm
    Resolution ±0.01mm
    Board Positioning Dual workstation with nest fixture or pin fixture
    Panel Location Located by tooling holes or edges of PCB
    Loading Manual
    Unloading Manual
    Panel Size 320*320mm(standard)
    Panel Thickness 0.5-3.5mm
    Spindle motor KAVO Spindle
    Tool Change Manual
    Dust filtration system 3KW Vacuum Cleaner
    Vision system High resolution CCD video camera
    Programming Vision assisted point to point manual teaching
    Editing Function Dry run vision assisted / test run mode
    Machine weight 500kgs
    Machine dimension 113*140*108cm


    Why choose us


    1. Engineers available to service machinery oversea.


    Engineers are available to be sent to freign countries to do machinery training and offer technical support.

    2. One year warranty for the machines except accessories.


    Robust frame construction and Japanese steel blades obtained good appraise and recognized by and oversea clients. We offer parts for replacement under warranty free of charge, clients only need to bear freight charge.


    3..Effective customer service.


    All of us together are stronger and wiser than any one of us individually. To succeed, we must assume responsibility, cooperate with fellow associates and withdepartments, effectively comminicate with one another, foster enthusiam and participate in decision-making. To be seay reachable by customers and provide prompt replies to solve their problems and create value for customers


    4. Mature technique & forerunner to process makes high quality machinery.


    As largest manufactory in South China, we have 12 years experience on PCB separator machines and soldering machines. pcb router machine

    Our R&D team continuously upgrade the existing machines to meet the market development trend


    Our sales network



    Machine complètement automatique de séparateur de carte PCB de petite plate-forme simple, conduisant le peu 2.0mm


    YUSH Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

    Personne à contacter: Ms. Eva liu

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